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Mixing curl_easy_pause and curl_multi_socket_action

From: Daniel Eggert <>
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2016 18:57:16 +0200

I'm using curl_multi_socket_action(). Within the CURLOPT_HEADERFUNCTION I'm pausing the easy handle -- I need to asynchronously ask client code if the transfer should complete.

But after the curl_multi_socket_action() I'm getting a callback to my CURLMOPT_SOCKETFUNCTION and when I call curl_multi_socket_action() it tells me that the easy handle completed with CURLE_RECV_ERROR.

I tried pausing the easy handle with either
    curl_easy_pause(handle, CURLPAUSE_ALL);
or by returning
but it results in the same.

How should I go about pausing an easy transfer?

Should I simply remove it from the multi handle and re-add it once I'm ready to resume?

This is using plain HTTP and libcurl 7.43.0.


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