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Authentication Code Reorganisation

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2016 09:53:25 +0000

Dear team,

I have started to push my long awaited "vauth" reorganisation of the authentication code that I started well over a year ago, continued last autumn and finally finished off this month.

In summary, this change moves the built-in, Windows SSPI based, and GSS-API based authentication message code that is used by HTTP and the SASL based protocols (currently IMAP, POP3 and SMTP) into a directory underneath lib at the same level as vtls.

This change:

* Allows people to use the authentication code independently of libcurl should they wish to without packaging it into a separate library - just the same as vtls does, although the API isn't quite as neat as vtls
* Keeps all the authentication code in one place and away from the protocols
* Cleans up the current code - moving the messaging code out of the SASL code (mainly my fault here!)
* Enables me to add support for similar authentication code provided by third party libraries such as Cyrus SASL

It doesn't address Winbind support for NTLM and as such that remains HTTP only at the moment. In time I will also move that and add support to the SASL protocols for the Winbind daemon.

Whilst I have tried to update all makefiles, project files and build scripts I have only tested the patches, in whole and separately on the following systems:

* Visual Studio project files
* VC makefiles - As used by and my autobuilds
* VC Winbuild - nmake
* Linux configure - Ubuntu 15.10 - including the test harness and distribution mechanism

However, there are a number of systems I don't have access to:

* Amiga - I should see if my A4000 still powers up!
* Symbian - Unfortunately I have given up my Symbian days and not worked in mobile for a number of years
* Cygwin and MinGW
* Non configure based systems such as OS400, Borland, Watcom and others

As such I apologies if I have broken a build for you and I would appreciate you help and assistance in fixing any broken builds up.

I will of course keep a close eye on the autobuilds over the Easter weekend whilst I push my changes - fixing up any issues along the way.

Many thanks

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Received on 2016-03-25