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libcurl on Android colliding with other openssl in the same .so

Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2016 18:55:47 +0000

Hi everyone

I am trying to add curl to an existing Android project that is also using pjsip.

I had no issues precompiling libcurl.a but when adding it to my existing I get a bunch of multiple definition errors like this one:
armeabi/libcurl.a(cryptlib.o): multiple definition of 'CRYPTO_get_new_lockid'

I assume this is because pjsip is also relying on openssl.

If I compile libcurl using -without-ssl it links fine into my existing .so.

(I also started to try and make an for libcurl to see if I could include it in my existing build process but I got stuck right away.)

The other option I am considering is to wrap the libcurl.a into its own .so and then use if from my existing dynamic library. I guess that could work but it also means I am going to distribute two complete versions of openssl with my app.

Does anyone have any recommendation on how to solve this in a good way? Somehow it feels like both pjsip and libcurl should be able to share the openssl code. I guess the problem might come from them both being prebuilt and then introduced into the same .so in the end.

All suggestions are highly appreciated.



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