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curl/nghttp2 send multiple TCP packets for Magic/Settings/Headers

From: Inca R <>
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2016 21:08:41 -0800

Hi;( h2c )
I'm testing my implementation of using Curl with http2 in direct clear TCP
without going through HTTP/1.1 Upgrade,

I observe in wireshark 3 different packets for Magic, Settings and Headers.
Those can easily be sent in one TCP packet to save the roundtrips.
Testing the same with h2load I get the expected 1 TCP packet with the 3
frames combined.
I think Curl code is doing the right thing:
1- nghttp2_submit_settings ( queue settings )
2- nghttp2_submit_request ( queue request )
3- nghttp2_session_send ( send magic and pending data: Settings and Request
But I still get Magic, Settings and the Request ( Headers ) in 3 different
TCP packets.

I need help to figure it out and be able to optimize and send only one TCP


-- Inca

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