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Re: Question about Content-type: multipart

From: Waitman Gobble <>
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2016 21:51:35 -0800

> Appears to be a firewall issue. I made a dummy PHP script that opens
> connection and does simple post without curl. So, it hangs like the curl
> test. But for some reason only on multipart/form-data posts. Disabling
> firewall allows multipart post.. so I think there's not a curl issue here.

I switched firewall from ipfw to pf, which is now working. I don't see
an ipfw rule that would stop a multipart post, for some reason it
seems to mess with it. I'll post over on the freebsd ng and see if
anyone can enlighten me.

Thanks for all your help, my software project is functioning.

Waitman Gobble
Los Altos California USA
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