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first curl meetup survey summary

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2016 01:12:38 +0100 (CET)


I closed the survey at midnight Sunday, my time. We got a total of 56
responses, which I think was really good! Here are the top responses to some
questions that will serve as input for my next steps. I'll follow up with

- You would prefer if it would take place in...

30% Central Europe
28% Sweden
12% West Coast USA
10% East Coast USA

12% wrote "other", and among the write-ins we got 3 London/UK

I will note that it said "prefer", not "I refuse to go if it isn't organized
in my selected location". Europe seems to be the most popular, and I'll admit
the amount of votes for Sweden surprised me!

- Is a single day too short?

55% No, one day is fine
27% Any amount you select is fine
14% Yes, we need two days

(1 person voted for "Even a single whole day is too much")

Let's go for one day.

- Would charging 200 USD for a single day be fine with you?

62.5% voted No
37.5% votes Yes

I guess this means we have a bunch of potential attendees that aren't getting
funded by their employer or similar to attend. So getting the event sponsored
enough to lower the attendance cost is a priority.

- Should an event like this take place on a weekend or a weekday?

35.8% Weekend
32.1% Doesn't matter
17% Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday
9.4% Friday

The preference for weekends also seems to match what I said above for the

- When is a suitable time of the year?

67% Any time!
18% April - June
9% January - March

Most of us seem to be fine with at any point in time.

- Do you think it should be arranged next to an existing conference/event? If
so, which?

(Here I'll note that only 47 out of 56 responded)

40% None
28% Any

Tricky. The largest amount of responders said None but a majority selected any
or a specific conference. Two write-ins mentioned IETF.

- Would you be interested in presenting on such an event?

49 peopled answered and 16 (32.7%) said yes which I'm very happy to see. I'm
sure not all of these will be able to actually attend when we pick a date and
place but still, it shows an interest!


Most people would like a not too pricy single weekend day within Europe at any
point during the year. Possibly in association with another conference, or

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