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curl -X POST --location response 302 should do GET ?

From: Eric Favre <>
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2016 16:34:24 +0100


I have a question regarding the expected behavior of curl on a no-GET
request with a 302 response.
Here is what I read in curl's documentation about --location option:

When curl follows a redirect and the request is not a plain GET (for
example POST or PUT), it will do the following request with a GET if
the HTTP response was 301, 302, or 303.
Which makes sense, since it's the behavior of most browsers (even
though it's not what RFC1945 says).
However, this is not the behavior I observed on curl 7.43.0. To check,
I made a mock server with 3 simple services:
- 1 POST on /post_me_this that does a 302 on location /get_me_that
- 1 GET on /get_me_that which does a 200 with body
{"status":"ok","message":"disrespectful of HTTP ; respectful of doc"}
- 1 POST on /get_me_that which does a 200 with body
{"status":"ko","message":"respectful of HTTP ; disrespectful of doc"}
Here is what I get with a curl -L on my 1st mock:
$ curl -v --location --request POST
> POST /post_me_this HTTP/1.1
< HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily
// ...
< Location:
// ...
* Issue another request to this URL:
> POST /get_me_that HTTP/1.1
< HTTP/1.1 200 OK
// ...
{"status":"ko","message":"respectful of HTTP ; disrespectful of doc"}
So my question:
Am I misunderstanding something? Is this the intended behaviour, but
the documentation is outdated? Or is the documentation correct but the
library bugged?
Sorry if I missed the answer to that question somewhere.
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