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[RELEASE] curl and libcurl 7.47.1

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2016 10:39:02 +0100 (CET)

Hi all!

I'm happy to tell you that curl and libcurl 7.47.1 have just been released. It
will most importantly fix the annoying -o issue for windows users, but there
are also a few other fixes in there while we were at it.

Get it from our brand from the curl site as usual (which now is on HTTPS):

Curl and libcurl 7.47.1

  Public curl releases: 152
  Command line options: 179
  curl_easy_setopt() options: 221
  Public functions in libcurl: 61
  Contributors: 1346

This release includes the following bugfixes:

  o getredirect.c: fix variable name
  o tool_doswin: silence unused function warning [1]
  o cmake: fixed when OpenSSL enabled on Windows and schannel detected [2]
  o curl.1: Explain remote-name behavior if file already exists
  o tool_operate: Don't sanitize --output path (Windows) [3]
  o URLs: change all http:// URLs to https:// in documentation & comments
  o sasl_sspi: Fix memory leak in domain populate [4]
  o COPYING: clarify that Daniel is not the sole author
  o examples/htmltitle: Use _stricmp on Windows [5]
  o examples/asiohiper: Avoid function name collision on Windows [6]
  o idn_win32: Better error checking [7]
  o openssl: Fix signed/unsigned mismatch warning in X509V3_ext [8]
  o curl save files: check for backslashes on cygwin [9]

This release includes the following known bugs:

  o see docs/KNOWN_BUGS (

This release would not have looked like this without help, code, reports and
advice from friends like these:

   Bernard Spil, Dan Fandrich, Daniel Stenberg, Gisle Vanem, Michael Kaufmann,
   Octavio Schroeder, Ray Satiro, Sergei Nikulov, Viktor Szakáts,
   (9 contributors)

         Thanks! (and sorry if I forgot to mention someone)

References to bug reports and discussions on issues:

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  [6] =
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