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Progress function in Win10 for libcurl 7.46 is called with zeros

From: Taras Kushnir via curl-library <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2016 11:34:58 +0000 (UTC)

Hello everybody

I'm developing a cross-platform application (Linux, OS X, Windows) and I'm using libcurl.

Under Windows, I'm using GitHub repository ( to download latest libcurl and build it with MS VS 2013.

I compiled several files from libcurl examples from the main website in order to upload files via FTP and report progress to the outside. In OS X and Linux progress reporting works flawlessly but in Windows it's always called with zeros for ulnow/ultotal.
I tried both using Libcurl as DLL and static library (with CURL_STATICLIB define).

How to set it correctly?

This is the example how I use it
(around 300 lines of code from progressfunc.c and ftpuploadresume.c examples).

Progressfunc.c example alone is kind of showing some downloading progress for me. But uploading doesn't.

The only related/similar problem I've found was from the guy who tried to integrate with fpc libcurl but didn't made correct signature of function. As for me - I copied everything from examples.

Please, help

 Best regards,
Taras Kushnir.
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Received on 2016-01-27