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Re: CURLM Chain of events

From: surf via curl-library <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2016 22:46:43 +0000 (UTC)

> What if I decide to add a new easy handle (do another transfer) after kick
> starting everything will the new transfer be initiated automatically or do I
> need to call call curl_multi_socket_action(..., CURL_SOCKET_TIMEOUT, 0, ...)
> again.

> You can add and remove easy handles as you see fit and libcurl will update
> your socket and timer callbacks accordingly.

Pardon my ignorance, putting aside internal implementation details why do I need
to explicitly call curl_multi_socket_action(curl_m_handle, CURL_SOCKET_TIMEOUT
right after curl_multi_add_handle in order to kick start the library and not when adding
or removing easy handles afterwards. Is there a design motivation here or is that just
how it currently works?
Same question with respect to the timeout_callback. It seems like I'm supposed to install
a non-repeating timer for the sole purpose of calling curl_multi_socket_action(..., CURL_SOCKET_TIMEOUT, 0, ...).
Why doesn't libcurl handle this internally. Is it a design goal to externalize the timer to allow support for
different timer implementations ?

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Sure will :)

>(The book is still work in progress so all kinds of feedback is appreciated)

Where would be an appropriate place to post feedback?
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