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hostname matching failure with multiple SAN DNS names

From: John T Kohl <>
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2015 10:48:26 -0500

I have a certificate with two subject alternative names (DNS names).
Using a variant of curl that calls x509asn1.c:Curl_verifyhost() (such as
one built using GSKit), the certificate validation fails because the code
is returning early in the case where the first alternative name is not a

   /* Check all GeneralNames. */
      for(q = elem.beg; matched != 1 && q < elem.end;) {
        q = Curl_getASN1Element(&name, q, elem.end);
        switch (name.tag) {
        case 2: /* DNS name. */
          i = 0;
          len = utf8asn1str(&dnsname, CURL_ASN1_IA5_STRING,
                            name.beg, name.end);
          if(len > 0)
            if(strlen(dnsname) == (size_t) len)
              i = Curl_cert_hostcheck((const char *) dnsname,
          matched = i;

It looks to me like this return statement is incorrect--the loop should be
continued and additional SANs should be considered. If none of them
match, then the code falls through to the case of failing (matched == 0)
and rejects the hostname verification.

John Kohl
Senior Software Engineer
IBM Systems, Middleware
Littleton, Massachusetts, USA

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