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[Patch] <lwip/opt.h> guard name

From: Gisle Vanem <>
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2015 15:33:03 +0100

The name of the header guard in LwIP's <lwip/opt.h> has changed
from '__LWIP_OPT_H__' to 'LWIP_HDR_OPT_H' (bug #35874 in May 2015).
Hence libcurl should adapt.

Other things:
*) In curl_setup.h, the problem with an
   old PSDK doesn't apply if lwIP is used.

*) In memdebug.h, the 'socket' should be undefined first
   due to lwIP's lwip_socket() macro.

*) And lwIP's getaddrinfo() + freeaddrinfo() macros needs special
   handling in curl_addrinfo.c; they were undef'ed in memdebug.h.


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