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RE: Libcurl comet connection

From: john <>
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2015 13:51:18 -0500

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> On Tue, 24 Nov 2015, john wrote:
> > I want to establish a connection to the host with a HTTP post. This
> > connection needs to stay open.
> libcurl won't close it without reason so you just have to make sure your
> server holds it open. A typical way to accomplish that is to respond with a
> chunked response and let each new "message" from the server be another
> chunk.
> And you can implement a "keep-alive" chunk to prevent the connection to
> have to be completely idle for a very long time (as NATs and firewalls will
> then close it).
[John] Continuing my POC effort using curl_multi_socket_action.
After the 1st chunked response is processed, the sock callback routine posts
me with a 'REMOVE' action and subsequent curl_multi_socket_action (CURL_SOCKET_TIMEOUT) gives me
still_running = 0. The connection is still open, but libcurl does not accept anymore data.
Exactly what does 'REMOVE' mean?
How can I get the curl socket to accept more input?
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