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Re: A tale of two SPARC servers wherein one gets wedged on the testsuite

From: Rainer Jung <>
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2015 09:19:39 +0200

Am 16.10.2015 um 06:10 schrieb dev:

> So I guess the question is, on a slower older system do I need to grant
> special considerations or perhaps indicate the the timeouts on a test
> should be extended or any thoughts ?

> The compile goes smooth but the tests get wedged .. badly. However only
> at test 575 and only on this old SPARC server.

Just to give another data point: on our also old but stable 1280 MHz
UltraSPARC-IIIi system (8GB Memory), the test suite runs 431 seconds
("TESTDONE: 994 tests were considered during 431 seconds.") on a local
file system.

The "remaining" output around test 575 does not indicate, that this test
took especially long.

A closer look reveals we are building differently, e.g. we are using
OpenSSL instead of GnuTLS and we are not using libidn etc.

How much worse got it compared to the latest release you had build
before? Could it be, that the system reached a resource bottleneck and
started paging? Maybe it would make sense to look at "sar" output to
check CPU consumption, I/O and paging during the long time test 575 was
processing or hanging? Did you try to check, whether the test made
progress during tha time by looking at the running processes? If you can
reproduce, you coud use pstack to check the stack, the
hanging/looping/whatever process is in.


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