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libcurl's easy API , CURLOPT_QUOTE and errors

From: Jacques Klein <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2015 12:42:42 +0200

I am using libcurl to interact with an FTP server and have to use
CURLOPT_QUOTE in some cases.
The problem is following; in case of error,

     curl_easy_strerror(rc) returns "Quote command returned error"

which I can under understand from a developper point-of-view, but is of
no help to the enduser.

Is there an API to retrieve the error(s) that triggered the Quote error ?.

I an able to see them in ftp_readresp() with a C-debugger ...., but
didn't find how to have access to this info from my code.

Jacques K.

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Received on 2015-06-18