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RE: CURL_EASY_PERFORM non-blocking vs blocking

From: Yehezkel Horowitz <>
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2015 17:05:38 +0000

>I'm currently using CURL_EASY_PERFORM to send data to a remote URL. I notice that in my current configuration it appears to be behaving synchronously (i.e. waiting until completion of function). Since at times I may have several of these calls executing within a short duration I'd like to make this call asynch. Is this possible and if so can someone please advise on how to do it?

You should use the MULTI API - read more about in

But note - you'll responsible to supply libcurl "event driven" framework:
Call it when socket event happen - see CURLMOPT_SOCKETFUNCTION.
Call it when timeout is reached - see CURLMOPT_TIMERFUNCTION.


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