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bug in script?

From: Jeroen Ooms <>
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2015 22:35:02 -0800

I used the curl-7.41.0/docs/libcurl/ script to create a
header file [1] with the LIBCURL_HAS macro.

However when comparing this file to the symbol list on the website [2]
it looks as if many options that were deprecated and/or removed do not
have a _LAST entry in the header file, making it seem as if they are
still supported. A silly example:

printf("test %d", CURLOPT_HTTPREQUEST);

This actually generates a compile error because there is no
CURLOPT_HTTPREQUEST_LAST entry in the header, however this symbol has
been removed a long time ago.

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Received on 2015-03-04