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RE: [bagder/curl] 0d24f6: sasl: implement EXTERNAL authentication mechanism.

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 23:19:33 +0000

On Wed, 28 Jan 2015, Patrick Monnerat wrote:

> > * Do we need to limit this to TLS upgraded sessions - the examples
> > in the RFC seem to use this as the EXTERNAL authentication
> > mechanism?
> No, we should not: the spec tells this is not limited to TLS.

I must have missed that :(

> Some other external auth may be based, for example, on connecting
> IP address (i.e.: via a radius server or else). May be you may think of
> other identification ways. In practice, i've never seen EXTERNAL in
> non-TLS cases.

Cheers - that's useful to know.

> > * Should we implement support for an empty authentication identifier
> > (via an empty username) as I believe is allowed in the RFC or do your
> > modifications already cater for this?
> Yes, and it's currently done this way. In TLS cases, empty username tells
> use id from cert. Using a non-empty username can only be used if the
> allows to delegate authorizations, such as an administrator acting for a
> user. I've never seen such an implementation, but curl supports it.

That's what I thought. In the SASL code is it the
Curl_sasl_can_authenticate() that allows this?

> Now I would like to implement SCRAM-SHA-1 ... :-))

Cool - I've got GSS-SPNEGO on my list which I hope to add over the coming
months ;-)

Kind Regards

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