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Re: patch http.c

From: Андрей Даровских <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2015 14:36:30 +0300

I looked at the latest version and there is really fixed bug reuse
connections. Thank U.

2014-12-26 18:57 GMT+03:00 Daniel Stenberg <>:

> On Wed, 24 Dec 2014, Андрей Даровских wrote:
> I found bug in http implementation with reuse cached connection. bug
>> description: if easy options set using ntlm authentication, but server not
>> support ntlm authentication, connection will not reused in next time, and
>> will be created new connection. reason: Checking exists connection is set
>> wantNTLM flag, but info in conn.ntlm.state is no set.
> Thanks for this, but that's not actually what your patch fixes. :-/
> First, url.c:ConnectionExists() is the function that picks or doesn't pick
> an existing connection to re-use so if there's a problem like you describe,
> then I really think that is the function that should be fixed. Don't you?
> Secondly, your patch uses only a single variable to somehow deem if NTLM
> is chosen or not only for the host, but we have both a host authentication
> and a proxy one that both can and cannot use NTLM independently of each
> other.
> Thirdly, please provide a test case or a way for us to see this problem so
> that we can verify that it is actually fixed with whatever change we deem
> to be necessary!
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