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Re: [PATCH] CMake // windows build fix

From: Brad King <>
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2015 11:44:43 -0500

On 12/23/2014 4:28 PM, Sergei Nikulov wrote:
> The issue related to winsock2 detection after openssl already found (it will include windows.h first).
> In this case - winsock2 check will fail and marked as not found
> I've solve this issue by explicit definition -D_WINSOCKAPI_ in
> CMAKE_REQUIRED_DEFINITIONS for WIN32 build generation.

A simpler solution is to use just check_include_file instead of
check_include_file_concat for openssl headers. They do not
need to be included in the accumulated, ordered system headers.
Something like this should work:

- check_include_file_concat("openssl/crypto.h" HAVE_OPENSSL_CRYPTO_H)
- check_include_file_concat("openssl/engine.h" HAVE_OPENSSL_ENGINE_H)
- check_include_file_concat("openssl/err.h" HAVE_OPENSSL_ERR_H)
- check_include_file_concat("openssl/pem.h" HAVE_OPENSSL_PEM_H)
- check_include_file_concat("openssl/pkcs12.h" HAVE_OPENSSL_PKCS12_H)
- check_include_file_concat("openssl/rsa.h" HAVE_OPENSSL_RSA_H)
- check_include_file_concat("openssl/ssl.h" HAVE_OPENSSL_SSL_H)
- check_include_file_concat("openssl/x509.h" HAVE_OPENSSL_X509_H)
- check_include_file_concat("openssl/rand.h" HAVE_OPENSSL_RAND_H)
+ check_include_file("openssl/crypto.h" HAVE_OPENSSL_CRYPTO_H)
+ check_include_file("openssl/engine.h" HAVE_OPENSSL_ENGINE_H)
+ check_include_file("openssl/err.h" HAVE_OPENSSL_ERR_H)
+ check_include_file("openssl/pem.h" HAVE_OPENSSL_PEM_H)
+ check_include_file("openssl/pkcs12.h" HAVE_OPENSSL_PKCS12_H)
+ check_include_file("openssl/rsa.h" HAVE_OPENSSL_RSA_H)
+ check_include_file("openssl/ssl.h" HAVE_OPENSSL_SSL_H)
+ check_include_file("openssl/x509.h" HAVE_OPENSSL_X509_H)
+ check_include_file("openssl/rand.h" HAVE_OPENSSL_RAND_H)

> Also I've fixed tools_hugehelp.c generation using "cmake -E echo" command.

In this hunk:

> + COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E echo "/* built-in manual is disabled, blank function */" > "tool_hugehelp.c"
> + COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E echo "\#include \"tool_hugehelp.h\"" >> "tool_hugehelp.c"
> + COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E echo "void hugehelp(void) {}" >> "tool_hugehelp.c"

The backslash in "\#include..." should not be needed.

The addition of quotes to the redirected file names
is not necessary but does not hurt either.


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