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RE: Win32 LDAP and Unicode

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2015 20:22:49 +0000

On Sun, 4 Jan 2015, Steve Holme wrote:

> Option 2: The more involved approach
> This can be broken down into three parts:


> C) curl outputs the resulting data incorrectly
> s u p p o r t e d S A S: GSSAPI
> s u p p o r t e d S A S: GSS-SPNEGO
> s u p p o r t e d S A S: EXTERNAL
> s u p p o r t e d S A S: DIGEST-MD5
> d n s H o s:
> l d a p S e r v:$@EXAMPLE.COM

Rather than release 7.40.0 with data being formatted as above, and reporting and incorrect length through Curl_client_write(), I have pushed a couple of patches that fix up the DN and attribute output to convert to UTF-8.

I'm not sure if ldap.c is the best place to perform this or not - maybe in url.c or in Curl_client_write() - but I felt this was better then what we had prior to these fixes and it was relatively easy to do ;-)

If anyone has any other thoughts then please feel free to share them.

Many thanks


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