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Re: High number of conversion warnings compiling for 64bit Windows using MinGW

From: Marc Hörsken <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2015 00:53:54 +0100

Hi Steve,

>> Do we have any strategy to resolve such issues on x64 /
>> 64-bit builds?
> Yes - to fix 'em ;-)

okay, so I will just go ahead and try to fix some of them one after another. ;-)

> In all seriousness, I've not looked at these particular issues yet - I've been trying to minimise the warnings in the main curl and libcurl source code and made some good progress over the last few months ;-)

Thank you very much, I was mostly focused on fixing issues detected by the clang or VS static code analyzers. ;-)

> However, most of the issues you listed seem to be example source, test server (sws etc...) and libcurl unit tests - is that correct?

Yes, it looks like that.

Best regards,
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