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RE: SF bug 1456 and associated commits

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2014 19:39:54 +0000

On Thu, 11 Dec 2014, Patrick Monnerat wrote:

> I'm about to commit a fix for SF bug 1456, but first, I request your
> opinion.

Please note there are two bugs listed in this bug report:

a) That curl doesn't handle LF to CRLF conversion
b) That dot stuffing doesn't work

The fixes I pushed for a) should fix any problems with b) and without that
fix there were certainly issues here.

I haven't been able to reproduce any other problems around b) now that the
fixes for a) are present, but the user has, and for that reason I re-opened
the bug report and await further feedback.

Any assistance with b) is certainly much appreciated from my point of view

> Forgive me Steve: you introduced CURLOPT_CRLF handling for the
> SMTP protocol, but I think the standards make this conversion
> mandatory (RFC 5321, 2.3.8).

No problem. I was just allowing the conversion to take place.

However, I think that the topic of "whether non CRLF line ending conversion
should be performed automatically by curl or not for certain protocols"
whilst related to the bug report is a different conversation and one that I
think should be explored here on the mailing list.

> Some objection ?
My only objection is that we are then taking away the ability to allow the
user to purposely send LF characters to the mail server for whatever reason
- they may have a non RFC compliant mail server that requires the line
ending to be LF or CR for example.

However, whichever way we decide to go I do think that if mandatory auto
conversion is to be performed then we should a) do the conversion for CR
line endings as well, b) review which other protocols we should do this for
and c) not perform the conversion in SMTP specific code - this could be
achieved by having a flag on the protocol handers that indicates the line
ending type for example.

Kind Regard


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