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how to avoid "_" getting encoded in querystring when using curl-7.15.1

From: Ivneet Kaur <>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2014 15:08:51 +0530

Hi all,

Thanks for letting me join you guys here.

I am currently working on a software using curl-7.15.1 and having
dependency on

Issue I am facing:-
*curl_escape* is encoding "_" in querystring to "%5F" which is what I want
to avoid.

I think* curl_easy_escape* will help me.
I checked its man page which states:-

Added in 7.15.4 and replaces the old curl_escape
<> function.

Is there a patch that I can apply directly to 7.15.1 in order to be able to
use curl_easy_escape? If yes, please point me to it. Else, what
alternatives do I have?

Thanks for help.


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