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Re: [PATCH v2] cmake: fix NTLM detection and add krb5 feature

From: Brad King <>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2014 10:49:23 -0500

On 11/14/2014 05:32 PM, Peter Wu wrote:
> Based on recent configure patches:
> eda919f configure: Added krb5 to the supported features
> f0d860d configure: Fixed NTLM missing from features when CURL_DISABLE_HTTP defined
> fe0f896 configure: assume krb5 when gss-api works
> 676d62f configure: Fixed inclusion of krb5 when CURL_DISABLE_CRYPTO_AUTH is defined
> Signed-off-by: Peter Wu <>


This just updates the CMake logic to match what configure is now doing.

> Daniel recently asked for one or more acks on CMake patches, but I do
> not know whether this patch needs that too as it is a logical change
> with no need for CMake domain knowledge.

Peter, please take a look at my patch for CMP0054 warnings:

 CMake: Simplify if() conditions on check result variables

Also I noticed your comment added in this commit:

 2a2bb78cce (cmake: add SUPPORT_FEATURES and SUPPORT_PROTOCOLS, 2014-10-14)

> +function(_add_if label)
> + # TODO need to disable policy CMP0054 (CMake 3.1) to allow this indirection
> + if(${ARGN})

I see no CMP0054 warnings from that indirection. All arguments expanded
from ${ARGN} will be unquoted and CMP0054 only warns about quoted args.
Can you provide an example?


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