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Re: some thoughts about

From: Guenter <>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 00:32:21 +0100

Hi Daniel,
On 12.11.2014 00:07, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> The download time is of course also very different depending on network
> speeds etc. It is really fast for me.
sure; there are lines with poor bandwidth as well as computers with poor
CPU power ;-)

> Does it really matter if it is part of the core? I'm asking since I'm
> under the impression this script is used on machines more "developy" and
> thus likely to have the flexibility of extra perl packages. Maybe I'm
> wrong.
hmmm; I think its also very well suitable to run from time to time (when
certdata.txt might have changed) on target systems like embedded boxes,
firewalls, etc. where usually packages as Perl are at a bare minimum ...;
I just thought that for a simple file checksum MD5 might still be
suitable since there is no fear for a collision attack or something like
that ...

> Yeah, I wouldn't object much to such a change. I added the checksum
> thing basically to maintain the former functionality so that the output
> wouldn't be touched if there was no news (that's a feature I myself use
> and need in scripting in my end) but you are of course right that
> there's also not much of a speed benefit now.
> But now when the check is there, what's the benefit of removing it? It
> does alter the behavior of the script somewhat. Maybe we could just make
> it conditional on an option to save me from having to edit my scripts
> too much?
well, that's the comment I wanted to hear: you say its useful for you,
so it might be for others as well;
and right - there is no real benefit of removing the code other than
making the script code more simple again, but that's not enough reason
to remove it ...


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