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Commit: b3875606925536f82fc61f3114ac42f29eaf6945

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2014 16:41:20 +0000

Hi Daniel,

I see from the above commit that the curl command line tool now has
tool_strdup.c|h rather than using strdup.c|h from curl.

As such I need to fix up generate.bat as the few files that are included
from libcurl are currently hard coded in there (as I don't parse the
makefiles in this batch file as it is intended for use on Windows when
working directly from the repo).

However, I was wondering..

Should the new Curl_memdup() function be located in a new curl_memdup.c|h
(like curl_memchr.c|h) or even curl_memory.c instead rather than having two
versions of the strdup() function?

This would mean that:

* Curl_tool could share strdup.c|h again and avoid code duplication
* Curl_memdup() would fit with Curl_memchr() and the memory definitions in
* I don't have to fix update generate.bat - Although I've already done that
ready to push so a very minor reason ;-)

Kind Regards

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