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Re: NTLM with Unicode

From: Michael Osipov <>
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2014 22:48:14 +0200

Am 2014-09-28 um 14:53 schrieb Anton Kabakov:
> Hi,
> I'm running into a problem to use NTLM authentication for users with UTF-8 characters in username. This seems to be a known issue described in
> , bug #75
> I tried to build CURL with UNICODE flag, but the issue was not resolved. Is there any instructions about what exactly need to be done to resolve this?
> I'm using Red Hat based 32 bit Linux server.


you should always provide: OS, Compiler, curl version. First of all,
there aren't any UTF-8 characters, only Unicode ones. -DUNICODE won't
help, because this is intended for Windows only.

You may try to pass raw UTF-8 octets (codepoints U+0400 to U+04FF in
your case) and see whether libcurl passes them correctly or not because
the Unix build has a custom NTLM implementation.

Provide an ASCII dump of the NTLM token from Wireshark.

Edit: My idea won't work because of this:

NTLMFLAG_NEGOTIATE_OEM is passed. Bad stuff.

What you could do now is to swap this for NTLMFLAG_NEGOTIATE_UNICODE and
try the raw octets as advised.

С успехом,


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