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From: William Grim <>
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2014 03:56:11 -0700

Hi, all,

I'm new to this development list, but I've been using libcurl (C and C++)
extensively at work. I used it when we ported our C++ game engine to
Android, and now I'm using it to coalesce our Windows and Mac/iOS HTTP APIs
into a unified lib around libcurl, with that work being nearly complete.
So, for that, libcurl has been simply bad ass once getting used to how it
works and occasionally peeking at the source code.

Now, my topic of interest is with regards to caching. It looks like
libcurl supports no HTTP caching mechanism, and I was thinking about
implementing one. It will not be 100% HTTP RFC-compliant by any means,
since our company doesn't currently have a need for the full spec.
Besides, we have some custom work that will be done for the purposes for

Finally, I come to the question. If I introduce a caching mechanism
directly in libcurl, even if it's not fully HTTP compliant, would the
libcurl devs be interested in accepting something like that back? At the
very least, it could be the beginning of a caching model that could be
expanded in the future, but since there's no caching model currently in
place, is there a reason for that other than just no one has ever done it?


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