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schannel modifications for WinCE 6

From: Ben Sutcliffe <>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 14:36:05 -0400


Just curious if anyone else has gotten libcurl 7.37.1 working with schannel
support on Windows Embedded CE 6 (ARMV4I). I had to make a few
modifications in order to get it to compile and run, but I think I'm
finally there.

I can submit a patch if you guys are interested, but here's an overview:

- Explicitly set cipher algorithm to RC4. Whatever the default cipher was,
it wasn't working unless I was careful to pad my messages to presumably the
correct block size (?). I'm guessing RC4 works since it's a stream cipher
instead of a block cipher...but I don't know much about crypto. Not sure
how secure RC4 is maybe there's a better alternative.

- Fix an apparent bug in hostname verification for wildcard certs. For *. from the cert, it was comparing "" instead of "" against the server's hostname

- A few small mods to allow to libcurl to build for WinCE 6 (eg, use
send()/recv() instead of write()/read()). Not sure if this is a general
issue with WinCE 6 or just with the SDK that I'm using.


Ben Sutcliffe

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