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From: Luís Pinto <>
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2014 10:02:44 +0000

> > I've looked loosely at the Curl code, but I guess that it's forcing
> > the disconnection by default (regarding what you said previously)..
> >
> > Having this, it would be theoretically possible for me (to hack it)
> > and to stop that behavior (having some kind of custom option that I
> > could set previously), correct?
> Sure. But you won't need an option for it, because if you _can_ leave the
> connection alive fine you should just do it and if you can't you shouldn't.
> I don't think another option will help you!
> --
> /

Hi Daniel,

Sorry for the posting style!

I will look into curl and will try to figure out a way to not close the connection when an abort is triggered.. If I find a feasible solution I will communicate it here, and post my results (maybe a patch)

Thanks for your help

Luis Pinto

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