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Re: curl library's uninitialization is got hang

From: shine <>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2014 12:01:56 +0530

On 9/1/2014 12:40 PM, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> On Mon, 1 Sep 2014, shine wrote:
>>> *both* EPSV and PASV are sent. And both get a fine response back.
>>> How come it sends two? That's not normal libcurl behavior.
>> So now what is the problem i already sent you code by which i am
>> trying to upload files to FTP.
> Can you convert that into a complete stand-alone example we can try to
> reproduce this problem with? I can't see what would make libcurl act
> like that.
>> Can you tell me how i can proceed or some debug method to find out
>> what is exact cause for this?
> Set a break-point in libcurl where it receives the EPSV response
> (lib/ftp.c:ftp_state_pasv_resp) and see what it does next and why!
FTP server which i am using is running in active mode so may be because
of that and also it is behind firewall so many ports are blocked.
Can you tell me how to configure curl library so i can connect on both
active as well as passive mode FTP server.
Right now i am facing issues where i can't connect to active FTP server
many times.
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