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RE: Kerberos multiple principals having same realms issue.

From: Yehezkel Horowitz <>
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2014 17:19:20 +0000

Little bit late (I have a quite large backlog), but if still relevant...

>We are observing issue when running curl under negotiate with multiple principals both having same realm(say user1/krbnet.com_at_EXAMPLE.COM and user2/krbnet.com_at_EXAMPLE.COM).
>We are using directory cache to update the cache with both the principals.
>kinit -kt user1/krbnet.com_at_EXAMPLE.COM
>kinit -kt user2/krbnet.com_at_EXAMPLE.COM
>curl library is loading only the primary credentials (here user2) in the Kerberos cache and working even though there are user1 and user2 credentials in the Kerberos cache.
>Is there any option in curl to specify the negotiate connection based on the principal?

>Can anybody suggest a way to work with curl if multiple Kerberos principals are present and both pointing to same realm.

You can use a different cache for each user and use the environment variable KRB5CCNAME to point to the correct cache before running curl.


Yehezkel Horowitz

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