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Content-Length Vs Chunked Transfer Encoding

From: Sandeep Sastry <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2014 15:19:26 +0400


Though there are some existing discussion related to the topic
"Content-Length Vs Chunked Transfer Encoding" on various non-curl sites, I
wanted to understand how it works with libcurl.
I am using curl in my client application and as part of the application, I
show progress bar for upload and download activity. The old server used to
send Content-Length header in the response to GET requests, consistently.
But now the new server, does not send Content-Length, but sends Chunked
Transfer Encoding. This is breaking my progress functionality as I always
get "0" for total download size.
Is there a way for me to still get the progress bar going, though the
server does not send Content-Length? Because when contacted the server
guys, they told me they would no more be using Content-Length.


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