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curl the next few years

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2014 14:24:40 +0200 (CEST)

Hi friends,

Based on head-scratching done in Sweden and England, we added results from the
survey added to the mix and stirred quite a bit. The outcome is a bunch of
things me and Steve want to work on "the next few years" in the project.

Feel free to join in, complain, suggest, add, hooray or otherwise express your
opinions. This by no means a fixed list and there are no guarantees.

(This document is now commited to git as docs/ - yes a first attempt
to actually use markdown.)

curl the next few years - perhaps
Roadmap of things Daniel Stenberg and Steve Holme want to work on next. It is
intended to serve as a guideline for others for information, feedback and
possible participation.
New stuff - libcurl
1. http2 test suite
2. http2 multiplexing/pipelining
4. SRV records
5. HTTPS to proxy
6. make sure there's an easy handle passed in to curl_formadd(),
    curl_formget() and curl_formfree() by adding replacement functions and
    deprecating the old ones to allow custom mallocs and more
7. HTTP Digest authentication via Windows SSPI
8. GSSAPI authentication in the email protocols
9. add support for third-party SASL libraries such as Cyrus SASL - may need to
    move existing native and SSPI based authentication into vsasl folder after
    reworking HTTP and SASL code
10. SASL authentication in LDAP
11. Simplify the SMTP email interface so that programmers don't have to
     construct the body of an email that contains all the headers, alternative
     content, images and attachments - maintain raw interface so that
     programmers that want to do this can
12. Allow the email protocols to return the capabilities before
     authenticating. This will allow an application to decide on the best
     authentication mechanism
13. Allow Windows threading model to be replaced by Win32 pthreads port
14. Implement a dynamic buffer size to allow SFTP to use much larger buffers
     and possibly allow the size to be customizable by applications. Use less
     memory when handles are not in use?
New stuff - curl
1. Embed a language interpreter (lua?). For that middle ground where curl
    isn’t enough and a libcurl binding feels “too much”. Build-time conditional
    of course.
2. Simplify the SMTP command line so that the headers and multi-part content
    don't have to be constructed before calling curl
1. build for windows (considered hard by many users)
2. curl -h output (considered overwhelming to users)
3. we have > 160 command line options, is there a way to redo things to
    simplify or improve the situation as we are likely to keep adding
    features/options in the future too
4. docs (considered "bad" by users but how do we make it better?)
    A - split up curl_easy_setopt.3
    B - split up curl.1
5. authentication framework (consider merging HTTP and SASL authentication to
    give one API for protocols to call)
6. Perform some of the clean up from the TODO document, removing old
    definitions and such like that are currently earmarked to be removed years
1. cmake support (nobody maintains it)
2. files as there is no point in maintaining two sets of Windows
    makefiles. Note: These are currently being used by the Windows autobuilds

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