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Re: the survey summary

From: Dima Tisnek <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2014 11:13:39 +0300

Hi Daniel,

basic docs, like curl_easy_setopt are great.
demanding features, e.g. multi interface, are shot.

furthermore I suspect libcurl users who talk to the library in C are a
minority compared to python, php, etc.
documentation for high level languages is left out of scope.

admittedly wiki-style docs are actually quite useful.
on the other hand, whenever I code in Python, I have to look up
libcurl docs and mentally translate interface into my data types.
I'm quite used to it, it works pretty well.
A novice would be lost for sure.

I think it's best summarised that there ought to be two kinds of
documentation corresponding to two user classes:
* libcurl and interface developers
* libcurl/pycurl/php/*/command line end users


On 15 June 2014 00:31, Daniel Stenberg <> wrote:
> On Fri, 13 Jun 2014, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> One of the most surprising results (to me) is that "docs" was voted the most
> "worst area" in the project with a big margin. (Admittedly twice as many
> also voted it as one of the best areas).
> I'd like to understand this better. What exactly is considered bad and what
> can we do about it? I think I'm having my nose a little too deep in all the
> details to see this clearly. I was under the impression our documentation
> was pretty good...
> What's the biggest problem with the current docs? What's the biggest thing
> we lack? Please share some ideas and thoughts here!
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