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Re: the survey summary

From: Michael Osipov <>
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2014 16:24:02 +0200

Am 2014-06-14 23:31, schrieb Daniel Stenberg:
> On Fri, 13 Jun 2014, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> One of the most surprising results (to me) is that "docs" was voted the
> most "worst area" in the project with a big margin. (Admittedly twice as
> many also voted it as one of the best areas).
> I'd like to understand this better. What exactly is considered bad and
> what can we do about it? I think I'm having my nose a little too deep in
> all the details to see this clearly. I was under the impression our
> documentation was pretty good...
> What's the biggest problem with the current docs? What's the biggest
> thing we lack? Please share some ideas and thoughts here!

For instance, someone contributes code and docs and never reviews it
again. RFCs change, or get introduced, wording is bad or simply too much
text or even worse it is not written/implemented the way it should be.
For the spots I do use curl at work, would need an


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