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RE: the survey summary

From: Yehezkel Horowitz <>
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2014 05:51:29 +0000

> What's the biggest problem with the current docs? What's the biggest thing we lack? Please share some ideas and thoughts here!

I'm one of libcurl's experts in my work place, and often I'm getting questions like "from where to start...".

I know there are many source samples in the site (and I send links to those as an answer), but I think what is missing is a step-by-step tutorial section that will take a programmer from the very start to a state where his code uses libcurl to complete a transfer (with code examples the user can copy of course).

Another area for documentation improvement is a guide for using the multi API (for advanced users) - it is not trivial to understand the concept of "time & socket callback functions" and I didn't find any place it the site that explain it.

This is just my opinion and personally I didn't have any real problem in the documentation area of the libcurl project (as all needed info is in the site/mailing list all you need to do is to search for it).


Yehezkel Horowitz

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