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Re: [Survey] What people want us to do next

From: Marc Hoersken <>
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2014 23:44:28 +0200

Daniel, thanks for gathering the feedback!

On 14.06.2014 23:16, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> up-to-date windows binaries by knauf

If I would know which type of Windows builds are the most frequently
requested ones, I could setup my Windows testing buildbots [1] to
produce curl and libcurl binaries and make them available for download.

> My biggest issue is that the key feature I need is only available with
> the
> OpenSSL backend. For my application (and frankly most others, they
> just don't
> actually care enough), it's essential to be able to control validation
> of the
> server's key while setting up a TLS connection. Without that feature,
> use of
> TLS is completely unsafe for applications, and right now that's OpenSSL
> only. So the portability to other back-ends is both not useful, and has
> actually caused bugs in the OpenSSL back-end because of the complexity of
> supporting the others.

I understand the concerns regarding the mismatch of the supported
SSL/TLS features by each individual crypto backend, but I actually think
that supporting different crypto backends is one of curls most valuable
assets. Of course, the vtls abstraction and especially the niche
backends definitely require some hard work and love.

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