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Sometimes getting chunked data back, sometimes not.

From: Greg Chapman <>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 20:53:06 +0100


I'm using OAuth 2.0 with Google Contacts. It's all working well (using CURL with Visual Studio C++ to make requests) but sometimes (recently?) my returned JSON object instead of looking like this:

{ "access_token" : "ya29.AHES6ZTtm7SuokEB-RGtbBty9IIlNiP9-eNMMQKtXdMP3sfjL1Fc",

"token_type" : "Bearer",

"expires_in" : 3600, }

is not only chunked with loads of newline characters but also repeats itself several times. This is messing with my simple parsing system and makes it difficult to extract the data. Is there a way of disabling chunking, or is it a problem with Google?


Greg Chapman

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