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RE: Building libcurl with Borland BCC5.5 compiler

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Thu, 8 May 2014 21:06:27 +0100

On Thu, 8 May 2014, Jon Torrey wrote:

> Thank you for the speedy reply and I apologize for not
> getting back with you earlier.
> Daniel - I was not sure where exactly in Makefile.b32 to add
> your snippet of code so I will hold off until further notice.

Daniel's suggested fix was at line 145 by adding:

        @-$(MKDIR) $(OBJDIR)/vtls

So that:

        @-$(RMDIR) $(OBJDIR)
        @-$(MKDIR) $(OBJDIR)


        @-$(RMDIR) $(OBJDIR)
        @-$(MKDIR) $(OBJDIR)
        @-$(MKDIR) $(OBJDIR)/vtls

> Making the following change resolved my problem, but created
> another :(

I thought it might... but at least it got a little further and is hopefully generating the *.int and *.obj files for the vtls directory ;-)

The problem is it doesn't understand the path when trying to link those *.obj files :(

Do you know where openssl.obj, gtls.obj, vtls.obj etc... are being created?

I would hope they are in .\BCC_obj\vtl\* or .\BCC_obj\* but I don’t think either that is happening... or if it is, the path that we are passing to the linker isn't the correct path as it contains a forward slashes and not backslashes!!

My makefile syntax knowledge isn't that great but I think we can change the line 97:



OBJS1 = ./$(CSOURCES:.c=.obj)
OBJS2 = $(OBJS1:vtls/=)

Similar to what Makefile.watcome does ;-)

Kind Regards


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