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Re: Trailing dot in FQDN TLS SNI/HTTP HostName

From: Leon Winter <>
Date: Thu, 8 May 2014 16:05:48 +0200

Hi Daniel,

> I actually can't think of any reason to keep the trailing dot. If the URL is
> to be passed to the proxy like when doing HTTP over a proxy, that dot won't
> be stripped off.

other than "keeping the exact user request" there is probably no reason.

> I'm leaning towards committing a change that normalizes the host name for
> all uses (except in the full URL sent over a http proxy) - and see if anyone
> reports any problems. Normalize in the way that it strips off one single
> trailing dot if there is one. My basic local testing hasn't shown any
> problems. See attachment for the patch.

I locally applied the patch and it does exactly what you said it would.
Probably there is no real life drawback to it so we are fine by going
with it and in fact watch out for problem reports.
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