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RE: Building libcurl with Borland BCC5.5 compiler

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Wed, 7 May 2014 22:01:16 +0100

On Wed, 7 May 2014, Jon Torrey wrote:

> > Maybe I misunderstood you but I thought you mentioned that
> > you modified the >OpenSSL path in the makefile to point to
> > where you had the OpenSSL source?
> I only modified the path because I was assuming the makefile called
> for some resources from the OpenSSL source. At that point, I was
> just being desperate.

It should attempt to pre-process vtls\openssl.c but then that will end up generating a .int file that is either empty or very small as the #ifdef USE_SSLEAY will cause it to ignore most of the code in that source file.

> I do not know a decent way to organize this data rather than attach
> the file, but some e-mails and people are weird about attachments.
> With this said, I will go ahead and do the wrong thing and post it
> inside the e-mail

I don't mind - anyway is fine by me ;-)

> This is after invoking "make borland" in the command line :


So in summary it is pre-processing (runs cpp32) and compiling (runs bcc32) all the source files in the lib directory but not the source files in the lib\vtls directory.

I'm not that handy with makefiles so my apologies if this takes some time but I'm having to compare other makefiles (including the src/makefile.b32) :(

Could you try modifying line 52 which is:


To be

SRCDIRS = .;.\vtls

Note the one dot before \vtls and not two ;-)

And see if that gets any further?

Kind Regards


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