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Added SSPI support for DIGEST-MD5

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2014 16:23:20 +0100

Hi all

In addition to working on Visual Studio project files at the moment I had also started work on adding DIGEST-MD5 support using Windows SSPI rather than the native routines.

As such, I managed to get this working in the wee small hours of Saturday morning and have been pushing various commits (and fix ups – sorry about that!) over the couple 24 hours.

However, I would appreciate a quick code review of where I have used the hostname from the data->easy_conn->host in curl_sasl_sspi.c:113 as it doesn’t appear to work under the test suite given that one of the tests generated the following response message:


As can be seen the uri is corrupt :(

This can been seen in Test 823 from the following auto build:

Is this just a small quirk of the test suite or is it best to use the host name from the conndata structure?

As a side note this test shouldn't be running under SSPI now, like the NTLM tests, and I am currently in the process of fixing them up but can this (presumably null) hostname happen in the real world and do I need to rework this area of code?

Kind Regards


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