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Re: HTTP POST: fail early if unknown data size (read function)

From: Cédric Deltheil <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2014 11:31:04 +0100

Le 13 janv. 2014 à 16:08, Daniel Stenberg <> a écrit :

>> I compared what happens with an HTTP PUT request if the caller forgot to set the expected size via `CURLOPT_INFILESIZE`: in that case, the Content-Length header is omitted (and thus libcurl does not send any negative Content-Length).
> Ah yes. Since PUT already works like that, I think it is a good reason for us to make POST do the same!

OK! I will go ahead with this approach and prepare a patch as soon as possible.

>> The Content-Length is explicitly set to 0 by libcurl during the auth negotiation
>> * this is not the case for HTTP PUT (i.e. if a user-defined Content-Length header exists, it is set even at auth negotiation time).
> I think that should be considered a bug in the PUT logic, as I'm sure it will seriously confuse servers if we announce a length and then don't actually send that body.

My bad: looking at `Curl_http()` was not enough... I can see that `Curl_add_custom_headers` properly takes care to ignore the user-defined Content-Length during auth neg[1]. So there is no bug.


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