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Broken libcurl FTP list parsing

From: Justin Maggard <>
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2014 14:34:59 -0800

When I use libcurl to parse an FTP listing on a server that returns
total directory size, I always get an error "CURL failed. Unable to
parse FTP file list". This error comes from
lib/ftplistparser.c:Curl_ftp_parselist(). After browsing through the
git log for lib/ftplistparser.c, commit
7f3b87d8782eae1803b9658e14788f5dcbb3aa6b (ftp_parselist: fix compiler
warning) appears to be the obvious culprit, as it always throws an
error on completely valid "total" values.

It looks like the intent of the aforementioned commit is to just avoid
doing any validation on the "total" value. Is that desired? Or do we
need to step through the data and validate with something like

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