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Re: [PATCH ] Add new options negotiate-gssapi=service and proxy-negotiate-gssapi-service

From: Arunav Sanyal <>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2013 14:10:11 +0530


Well markus I was going to set a very similar patch which was required by
my organization but you beat me to it.

Some review comments(i am reading your intial proposal of the patch).

1. Please introduce a new bits variable conn->bits.service_principal /
conn->bits.proxy_serviceprincipal. This variable should be set in case
string is set.

eg. conn->bits.service_principal= (NULL !=

similarly you can introduce new variable for proxy service

2. I think nomenclature is incorrect, since it is used elsewhere it can be
used in spnego authentication as well.

3. Please refer to reuse_conn() method in url.c

Here you are copying information between one conn object to another, in
case connection does not close in multipass authentication. You have to add
copy code for this variable in here. Otherwise copy of conn will contain
garbage value.

I will be happy to help you in any code changes. If I have missed
something, please point it out to me.

The reason for these suggestion is because i plan to add many features on
top of this in the near future.

Yours sincerely

Arunav Sanyal
Graduate student
B.E (Hons) Computer Science
BITS Pilani K.K Birla Goa Campus
Software Engineer

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