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Need option to set IP/Port with CUrl request as FQDN

From: Gaurav Rastogi -X (garastog - ARICENT TECHNOLOGIES MAURIITIUS LIMITED at Cisco) <>
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2013 05:52:59 +0000

Hi All,

Need some help as we are facing some issues regarding DNS timeouts while implementing https req/resp using CURL.

We have something like below requirement:

1. Send CURL request using client something like https://<fqdn>:<port>/<some<https://%3cfqdn%3e:%3cport%3e/%3csome> url> to https server.

2. Here once we pass this to CURL interface it resolved fqdn to IP using DNSlookup and send the request to IP/port. The problem is that sometimes we observe DNS timeouts due to which we end up not sending any request to http server.Also this increases our overall latency for https request/responses.

3. What we want is that : Is there any option using which we can set this IP/port using CURL interface which should be independent from the URL, so that we can avoid sending DNS lookup request to DNS server. Please note we need to set FQDN in https request URL as we are validating 3rd party certificates using the FQDN.

Could anyone on this mailer help us on this?


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