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A Question On Libcurl Performance

From: Thomas Dineen <>
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2013 11:57:01 -0700

Gentle People:

     I am using libcurl and some of Curl Website example code as calling
for a multi-platform project where a webpage is read from

     Everything works as expected on Solaris 10 and MS Windows, delivering
excellent performance reading a web page.

    Now when I perform the exact same access on Fedora 14 the read
is very slow. When the read access is executed by sending the URL there
to be a pause of one or two minutes to get a response. In the end there
is always
a correct response but the delay is unacceptable.

     For both Solaris 10 and Fedora 14 the native gcc is used to build
the project,
and for Windows the Mingw Cross Environment with gcc is used. There are
versions of gcc used. See below.

     Please note the the exact same source code and make file is used in
the build in
all three environments.

      Also the libcurl version varies in all three environments. However
this morning I updated
the Fedora 14 environment to the libcurl newest version 7.32 and the
performance did not

      Please note that I can post more information if requested.

- Solaris 10
gcc -dumpversion

- Fedora 14
gcc -dumpversion

Windows Mingw Cross Environment:
gcc -dumpversion

Thomas Dineen

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Received on 2013-08-31