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curl_global_init performance

From: Tim Ruehsen <>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 10:27:37 +0200


comparing wget and curl downloading a simple wegpage (e.g.
shows up that curl has 5-6 times higher impact on CPU. This was on Debian
unstable using
        valgrind --tool=callgrind curl -s >index.html
        valgrind --tool=callgrind wget -s

Both tools where compiled using OpenSSL.

It looks like that curl_global_init() initalizes OpenSSL though SSL is not
needed. Kcachegrind show that SSL_load_error_strings() is alone responsible
for nearly 50% impact.

Isn't it possible to only initialize SSL stuff when needed ?

Regards, Tim

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Received on 2013-08-29